My name is Arjen. Graduating student at the Academic for Populare Culture in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. For me it's all about experimenting with different expressions within creativity. In every of those forms, I try to come up with my own original and refreshing ideas, which were born from my vision on the world and our lives. For me, the most important part of this process is the pleasure or joy that comes with creating something new before showing it to the world. That's why I'm really patient and careful when it comes to my creative projects, they mean the world to me.

My projects contain the use of some of the artistic skills below;
Music (songwriting, producing, recording)
Design (artwork, physical art, painting, poster-design, logo-design, albumcover-art, merchandise)
Video (filming, editing, directing, developing concepts)
Photo (photography, colorgrading/editing)

Projects that i'm running

The 'Creative Quarantine' Project
Art From The Attic


My main-project that I've started in 2020 with 3 of my best friends and former band members. In this project we mainly operate as a Psychedelic/Stoner Rock band, but in the meantime we develop variations of creative experiments and side-projects. We constantly involve new people within our growing group of 'amateurs'; people who are new to our vision of creating something special. We present these collaboration-projects in various manners; shooting video-clips, artwork-design, making music for EP's or Album's and way more. Like this, we all benefit from the artistic products for portfolio's and publicity, although the main-goal of it all is to constantly innovate ourselves, stepping out of our comfort zone and growing into greater artists.

For an impression on The MARYSCOOVY Project:

Linktree The MARYSCOOVY Projectwww.maryscoovy.nlFor visual impression: Instagram - MARYSCOOVYFor video's i've directed: Youtube - MARYSCOOVY

The 'Creative Quarantine' Project

The 'Creative Quarantine' is my Graduation project. This interactive exhibition is laying its focus on making students aware of their own stress. It's not uncommon these days; A lot of students experience stress and even burn-out complaints. As a graduating student, I recognize it very well myself. I designed this showcase as a closed tent, which is filled with elements from our nature. Think of it like a forest in a busy environment. When you enter my Creative Quarantine, I'll give you a Noise-canceling headphone, so you be able to hear nothing else than relaxing sounds of nature, meanwhile you will be 'locked' into quarantine for ten minutes. Just to take a break from it all, and confront yourself with nothing else than just living At that moment. I hope to make you feel more relaxed after, so you can continue the rest of your day with a better mental state.

For more info on The Creative Quarantine Project check out my personal Linktree and socials, or contact me:

Linktree - Arjen Heidstra

Art From The Attic

This is my fluid art x stencil art x action painting-project. I make paintings in this style cause, for me, it feels very 'free'. I am a fan of the multiple colors melting together into something great every time. Furthermore, I started this together with my nephew, Rudger Nuus back in 2020 as well as MARYSCOOVY. Nowadays, we make paintings as orders for interested people. I also do a lot of custom paint-jobs. This can be any object or idea for a painting. Next to that, this way of painting comes back a lot in my other projects, for example In MARYSCOOVY we use it mainly for the base of our artworks. Hook me up if you want something yourself, I'd love to do it!

More info on Art From The Attic:

Facebook - Art From The AtticInstagram - Art From The Attic
  • "The MARYSCOOVY project is all about experimenting with creativity. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes intense but mostly inspiring and always from the heart."

  • The 'Creative Quarantine' - Exhibition revolves around breaking the everyday grind and the associated fixed patterns. With this, I want to offer prevention by making people, in this case students, aware of their own stress, performance pressure and thus preventing burnout complaints.

  • Cousins making Fluid Art from their attic. We like to experiment to make sick paintings or doing custom paintjobs🖌Interested? Let us know🎨

Contact me for ideas,
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Contact & socials

I mainly operate from MARYSCOOVY as an organisation, so if you want to reach me by E-mail please send a mail to Maryscoovy@gmail.com

My personal Linktree

Leads to my socials, projects, video's and impressions. If you like what I'm doing, please follow me on my social media accounts. Hook me up if you want to start a collaboration project with me, play in video's or even simply to jam with me.

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